It is said that the 52 cards in a deck resembles the 52 weeks of a year and the four suits, the four seasons. There are a huge variety of games that can be played using the different suits and cards. The many different types of games that can be played using a deck of cards attract people of all ages and classes all around the world.

One of the most popular games that can be played using the deck of cards is Rummy. Generally the card games are dependent on chance or luck that it can be said you must have a good luck in order to win a card game. But there are some card games which require sheer skill and use of brain and tactics. Rummy being one of these, acquires its place in the top three card games that are most popular.

Due to the interesting features of Rummy it attracts people from teenagers to even senior persons towards it. This game is played using the “draw and discard” structure. The 13 Cards Rummy is played with 13 cards to each player with a maximum of four players. In this game one has to pick a card and discard one in its place so that one may maintain the number of cards in his hand. One also has to lose cards by making a sequence of the same numbers of different suits or consecutive numbers of the same suit. The sequence can be made with a minimum of three cards.

The knowledge of when to lose the cards or to lose a specific card and pick a card instead of it also requires a sheer skill and intelligence. The way in which one loses a card and picks another card is a way of throwing a challenge to the opponents and so must be done carefully and confidently. In this game the player who loses all his cards first wins. The losing of a card may give a hint of the types or sequence of cards that the player is holding, so it may done in such a way of giving no information about your card to the opponents.

Though the 13 Cards Rummy is a game of intelligence and sheer skill but some parts of it also requires chance and luck. The cards that you are having before the start of the game are dependent on your luck. One must drop his cards at the beginning if he knows he won’t be able to win with his cards. This will save the player from acquiring a lot of negative points. During the play one must make a sequence of minimum 3 cards. For example a sequence can be made by the cards 2, 3 and 4 of the same suit or the same cards like a king of three different suits. Like this, one loses cards as he makes a sequence and drops or shows them. And continuing in this way one who loses all his cards first wins the game and so on.